In 1964 a young lawyer decided to put his first earnings into the purchase of an office along the Arno river. The positive developments in his profession allowed him to think that he could finally afford to buy one. The area had been bombed during World War II, and in the sixties, along with Italian economic welfare, came the reconstruction of the areas destroyed during the war. That young lawyer's name was Andrea, and he was my father.

He worked in his beloved office along the river supported by my mother Mimé until he retired in the late nineties. They knew they could never part from that magical spot, so they decided to turn the office into an apartment in order to share it with all the people who could fully understand and appreciate its value. The Old Bridge Apartment was made from the love and commitment of that young lawyer and of his wife.


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Little but proud supporter of Florence artistic heritage  





The Old Bridge Apartment supports the Enjoyrespect Firenze campaign promoted by Florence municipality